What We Do

Finding Opportunities

“Where do I start?” is a question that everyone has asked themselves. The answer isn’t always obvious. Let us help you filter through the noise and find the advanced control opportunities that will benefit you the most. We’ve helped some clients start up advanced control initiatives from scratch. We also have clients that keep coming back to find the next opportunity. 

Project Implementation

With more than 20 years of hands-on advanced control experience and a penchant for finding a better way to do things, Piccolo Control Services can deliver sustainable solutions that meet your operating challenges. This is what we do best.

Project Consulting

Do you already have a capable staff? Perhaps all you need is a little guidance to avoid common (or not so common) pitfalls. Good planning can pave the way to great projects. Passing our knowledge on to our clients is something we take great pride in. 

Bringing Control Back To Life

So many times for so many different reasons, advanced control applications fall by the wayside. Processes change... Economic objectives change...  what doesn’t change is the fact that with the right people, advanced control works.  Let Piccolo Control Services help you find out what went wrong and how to get your control technology back up and running.

Regulatory Control

We believe in using the right control solution for the challenge at hand and in providing the right people for the job. Solid regulatory control can make or break an APC project. For that reason, when real expertise in regulatory control becomes necessary, Piccolo Control Services has partnered with Summa Control Solutions to provide best in class services. This team has proven success at several sites.